A plan for resilience

  • Identifying: Usually, an analyst is assigned to conduct research and identify potential targets. Deals sometimes come in through referral/direct contact
  • Investigating: This refers to checking whether a potential deal will be a strategic fit for the acquirer; it also involves analysing products and services offered and seeing how they complement the acquirer’s business or strategy
  • Auditing and analysing: This relates to assessing the financials of a target company (such as revenue, EBITDA, and relevant ratios) as well as factors such as its management team and employee and compensation policies
  • Has a strong digital presence
  • Is strongly connected to its clients and is accessible to prospective clients in real time
  • Is proactively prepared to deal with any calamity
  • In a 2020 by Mercer LLC, 49.6% of 266 respondents were concerned about business continuity after the pandemic, although some companies were able to scale up fast and adopt (and thereby enhance the visibility of) digital workplace solutions such as Amazon WorkSpaces and similar solutions such as Citrix and Azure.
  • In similar surveys, c.51% of 302 respondents did not have a BCP in place, and 58% of 266 respondents were able to offer work-from-home options to their employees.



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