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Asset managers that do not adopt technology will incur higher costs than those that do — or would they?

There is a lot of talk on the benefits of adopting more technology-focused solutions.

For example, an Oliver Wyman report predicts that firms using automation and technology will see a reduction in middle-office and back-office personnel costs from 50% to 20%.

In today’s technology-driven world, firms are investing more and more in technologies to streamline day-to-day work because firms that avoid doing so risk falling behind those that do.

However, there are a number of professional tools available in the market that provide a variety of technological support to asset managers. Seismic is the market leader in global sales enablement and the technology provider supporting asset managers with marketing material generation. From content automation to compliance to usage analysis, Seismic offers a variety of services that managers can use, depending on their requirements.

Seismic — your Man Friday!

Seismic provides all support relating to fund marketing — RFP, fund commentary, bespoke client reporting or marketing material such as presentations and factsheets or even marketing collateral. Seismic can enhance the sales process by providing platforms that can be used for asset management-focused activities.

65% of the content created by marketing teams goes unused by sales teams, and sales teams spend 30 hours a month searching for and customising content, according to Forrester’s SiriusDecisions

That said, most base content for marketing collateral management is not well organised, and versioning is difficult. There is often difficulty in finding and customising content from large libraries, leading to outdated and non-compliant material. This makes analysis and insight generation very inaccurate or clumsy.

Enter Seismic LiveDocs

Seismic LiveDocs provide for content personalisation and automation, enabling marketers to level up their content management, automation and analytics processes. LiveDocs are a custom-built template solution that provides marketers full control over content that can be personalised, ensuring branded, legally compliant and accurate data from real-time data sources using automated components.

How Acuity approaches getting the most of Seismic LiveDocs

Having supported global asset managers who use Seismic for many years, we believe LiveDocs are a good tool that saves the time and energy of marketing teams and provides an easy way to customise marketing collateral.

LiveDoc templates are authored in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word and can be used for managing collateral.

We also help fill gaps in support from off-the-shelf software solutions that clients may have already subscribed to

Our Seismic experts work closely with clients’ marketing teams to understand their requirements and provide customised solutions. The following are some of the unique use cases:

  • Developed integrated LiveDocs to meet a client requirement to customise dynamic formatting for data tables in marketing collateral, saving analysts’ time that would otherwise have been spent on manual formatting
  • Created LiveDocs with data-driven formulas to produce dynamic commentaries, saving time in initial draft creation
  • Using advanced predictive content management, we helped the client access marketing collateral generated on the Seismic platform from Salesforce, saving analysts’ time that would otherwise have been spent on logging in to multiple portals and managing different versions of collateral
  • We also help fill gaps in support from off-the-shelf software solutions that clients may have already subscribed to

Advanced technological capability: batch processing of Seismic LiveDocs

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions to our clients’ requirements. Our Seismic experts have highly advanced SQL skills and domain knowledge, and not only provide assistance with the initial setup of LiveDocs, but also ensure they are maintained and updated during the production phase. We also develop solutions to bulk-generate marketing collateral from LiveDocs by creating Seismic public APIs using advance Shell coding.

Instead of manually generating fund presentations from LiveDocs by passing input values to variables, batch processing can be set up and a Seismic public API can be created to execute batch processing for a number of funds/strategies in one click.

Using Seismic public API, outputs can be generated in PDF or PPT format with customised layouts and all the necessary options.

How Acuity Knowledge Partners can help

We provide a service that combines process, people and technology. Our Seismic experts partner with domain experts to provide unique and holistic solutions to our clients that are more efficient than standalone or off-the-shelf software.

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