Agile market research: What is it and how to get started?

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation,
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and,
  • Responding to change over following a plan’.

What is Agile market research?

Agile market research is a tactical approach to gathering consumer insights through an iterative process with experimentation and interaction at its core. It enables testing different ideas/campaigns before launch, inculcating stakeholders’ feedback/critique, and altering business practices in real time.

Market research: Traditional methods vs Agile approach

The standard workflow in traditional market research consists of several processes that come into play once the project kicks off (such as design, review, analysis and reporting). These processes need to be completed within an allocated time. Thus, the right output is generated before transitioning to the next step. However, this approach can consume considerable time and effort and reduce transparency among the stakeholders.

How does one adopt Agile market research?

The shift from traditional research methods to an agile approach could be overwhelming. So how should you get started? Let us dive deeper.



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