Consulting Industry Trends in 2021

Key Takeaways

  • The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, with organisations beginning to integrate technology and human capabilities to achieve better results, improve efficiency and deliver breakthrough technologies
  • Due to increased volatility and uncertainty in the IPO markets, mainly because of the pandemic, an increasing number of private companies are looking for ways to take their companies public. SPACs have grown in prominence as a potential liquidity option, particularly among start-ups
  • As consumer behaviour and economic activity become more digitalised, businesses are forced to adapt the way they work and operate. This seismic shift is paving the way for a new generation of workforce, namely Workforce 3.0
  • Reliance on healthtech is increasing, with digital health and technology-backed services coming into the spotlight as the healthcare ecosystem grapples with the opportunities and challenges posed by the staggering pace of digital transformation
  • The emerging paradigm change is also compelling customers to reconsider their purchasing habits and embrace new behaviours such as increased cost consciousness, preference for local products and a shift towards e-commerce
  • The role of consulting firms becomes pivotal amid the ongoing radical transformation in assisting organisations to address the challenges faced in the transformation to new ways of day-to-day life, work and doing business



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