Corporate Wellness trends 2021-Healthy employees= A healthy bottom line

  • COVID-19 coverage in medical Insurance. COVID-19 was included in the group medical insurance cover for all employees and their dependants.
  • REBOOT session. The Employee Engagement team launched an exclusive physical and mental wellbeing programme to virtually support all staff. The team ran programmes weekly to cater to the needs of a multigenerational workforce, including yoga, Zumba, dance fitness, group exercise and meditation classes and fitness challenges.
  • UPLIFT was another unique programme developed under the banner “Unleash Possibilities” to assist in emotional wellness. It used behavioural psychology to equip employees with tools and techniques to adapt to this new normal and promote a more harmonious personal and professional environment in these difficult times. The company also sponsored phone counselling sessions.
  • Upskilling. The Training & Knowledge Management team also quickly responded to the new challenge by launching a number of online courses and virtual classroom learning sessions to help staff continue to learn new skills.
  • Digital literacy. The Diversity networks conducted a number of sessions to create awareness of online safety and fraud, focusing on children of working parents.



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