What’s your perspective on the pandemic?

Published on May 12, 2020 by Sajid Kachhi

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge global economies. Markets have been absorbed by its escalation over the past few months as stakeholders try to understand the global repercussions. Global concerns have grown steadily, disrupting the markets and shaking investor confidence.

This is driving the asset management industry to frame policies and come up with enhanced solutions to weather the crisis. In this blog, we share our views on the potential impact of the pandemic and provide options that the asset management industry may consider in its response.

Although asset and wealth management firms have been responding in their efforts also to encourage and motivate their workforces, they continue to face multiple challenges:

  • Market volatility — The outbreak could result in significant financial market volatility for months, with expectations of a recession increasing. This makes it challenging to be a stakeholder. In the immediate term, therefore, it is important to maintain investor confidence and shield companies through continued client engagement and communication.

After the pandemic:

The markets, governments and the health industry are all hopeful that their efforts will ease the chaos the COVID-19 pandemic has created. We believe the asset management industry should also continue deploying best practices.

  • Comprehensive business continuity plans (BCPs) should be in place to enable staff to continue to operate amid extraordinary circumstances. Companies also need to be mindful of their employees’ immediate needs and concerns, while ensuring they are equipped with networking capabilities and high-speed bandwidth.

Adapting to the new normal

We believe COVID-19 will have a deep impact on how we do business around the world. Companies would need to be flexible to adapt to this new normal of business as they rethink their strategies for 2020.

Here is where Acuity Knowledge Partners can help you navigate through these challenging times. Our global offices can enable you to handle business demand and uncertainties with ease. With our understanding of the market, we are helping many of our clients to chart their 2020 strategies.

To support them in navigating both the people and business impact of COVID-19, we have created a dedicated hub containing a variety of topics, including our latest thinking, thought leadership content and action-oriented guidelines and best practices.

Read the blog here: https://bit.ly/2XjN6Rk

About the Author

Sajid Kachhi, Delivery Manager, Compliance, has over 12+ years of experience in compliance, having worked for various firms including HSBC and Goldman Sachs. His expertise spans across the risk and compliance sector, focusing on portfolio compliance. Sajid has done his graduation in Business Management from Bengaluru University.



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