Are you digitally healthy?

  • Babylon Chatbot is an autonomous AI tool that interacts with the patient and helps them to navigate the decision-making process. It partly addresses the issues of transparency and decision making in healthcare. It helps a patient describe their symptoms in the same way they would do to a doctor, poses a series of questions that a doctor would normally ask and helps them to choose the next steps.
  • Miaoshou is an integrated solution provider that helps patient with online consultation in combination with pharmacies and clinical services that would otherwise be at different locations or offered by different mobile applications. It offers convenience in terms of time and place and that too at a reduced cost.
  • Google’s Verily has discovered a new way to evaluate an individual’s risk of cardiac disease using machine learning. By analysing scans of the back of a patient’s eye, the algorithm is able to accurately deduce, for example, the individual’s age, blood pressure and smoking habits, which can be then used to predict their risk of suffering from a major cardiac event.
  • The UCSF has created models to predict Alzheimer’s disease six years before a diagnosis, using a combination of glucose-based PET scans and deep machine learning. Such a prediction gives doctors enough time to prevent neurons from dying irreversibly.
  • Promoting drug adherence
  • Optimising drug dose at an individual level
  • Finding patients for clinical trials
  • Identifying breakthrough events in a patient’s life
  • Using augmented/virtual reality in treatment and surgery
  • Creating digital twins in healthcare
  • Building garage biotech



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