Your first step towards saving your environment

  • Goldman Sachs targets to finance and invest USD150bn in clean technology and renewable energy companies by 2025
  • JP Morgan aims to facilitate and underwrite USD200bn in capital for renewable energy projects and green bond offerings by 2025
  • In March 2020, Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné announced that the company is cutting its overhead and capital spending by 20% but is not reducing its USD2bn (c.13% of total capex) of investments in new energy sources in 2020
  • In April 2020, Shell planned to decarbonise its energy products up to 65% by 2025, with more investments in renewable and hydrogen businesses. It targets investing USD1–2bn annually by 2021 and up to USD2–3bn every year thereafter
  • BP’s net-zero target for 2050 remains unchanged, with capex of USD500m in 2020 on low-carbon investments



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