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We write about financial industry trends, the impact of regulatory changes and opinions on industry inflection points.


  • Sudhakar Nori

    Sudhakar Nori

  • John Jellinek

    John Jellinek

    John Jellinek is the President of the private equity investment firm Jelco Ventures, Inc. John Founded the company in 1971 |

  • abhinav agrawal

    abhinav agrawal

  • Aditya Singaraju

    Aditya Singaraju

    Market Research expert

  • Createxdigital


    A community for creators and entrepreneurs. Join us on

  • Edmund Lazarus

    Edmund Lazarus

    Edmund Lazarus, Managing Partner at EMK Capital, an expert in private equity. To learn more, visit

  • Dawid Gucio

    Dawid Gucio

  • Shafqat Dad

    Shafqat Dad

    Shafqat Dad is a High Wycombe-based entrepreneur and businessman, and he is currently serving as CEO of S Dad Homes. Learn more at!

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