Green and Sustainable Banking — its Benefits and Importance

  • Act a specialised financial institution helping build financial resilience to risks posed by climate change
  • Act as a bridge between environment-centred projects and capital
  • Devise innovative techniques to boost the flow of capital to those sectors/projects that would otherwise not attract much capital, such as renewable energy financing.
  • In addition, prove the mettle of such “underserved” and “wanting” projects by endorsing them as being “economically and financially viable”
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Reducing dependence on conventional sources of energy and transitioning to sustainable methods of generating energy in time
  • Creating jobs, easing the increasing problem of unemployment
  • Tapping the public’s growing environmental consciousness; 7 of 10 voters want Congress to invest aggressively in the clean energy industry, according to the 2020 US Green Bank Annual Industry Report by the American Green Bank Consortium
  • Total asset growth
  • Trends in earned revenue



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