How to succeed in a digitalisation-led world

  • For business customers — create marketing insight by utilising transactional data, industry data and data on purchasing habits that can help banks offer the right banking solutions to customers
  • For operating efficiencies — understand and optimise workflows and channel selection to increase speed to market, eliminate redundant processes and lower costs
  • For portfolio risk — create agile and robust portfolio monitoring capabilities that share information across platforms to quickly identify emerging risks, appropriately price products and improve credit decisions
  1. Standardize credit processes: In order to ensure accuracy and regulate the way in which credits are analysed. Technology can fail if things are done differently across different teams and departments.
  2. Leverage partnerships: A strategic partner can help you execute change and bring innovation, domain expertise and best practices, while keeping the lending engine running by providing additional bandwidth. Of course, choosing the right and cost-effective partner is critical to success.
  3. Cultural change: It is important to effect a cultural shift towards adopting change and for different functions to accept the change. Start small through proof of concept, breaking credit processes into micro-processes and applying technology to each micro-process. While efficiencies would materialise over time, the benefits of standardisation, increased front-office bandwidth and improved user interface (UI) would be felt immediately.



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