Investment banking trends in 2021 to benefit from

Trend #1: Merger and acquisition (M&A) market showing signs of recovery

Chart 1: M&A activity started showing a rebound

Trend #2: Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) initial public offerings (IPOs) gaining momentum in the US

Chart 2: Surge in SPAC IPO deals ($ bn)

Chart 3: # of SPAC IPOs deals

Trend #3: Strong dry powder and attractive valuations bring optimism to the private equity (PE) space

Chart 4: PE assets under management shows steady growth

Trend #4: Pandemic-driven liquidity concerns playing catalyst for capital market activity

Chart 5: Global debt issuances across grades

Chart 6: Global IPO market activity

Trend #5: Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment is set to surge amid COVID-19

Chart 6: Social bond issuance jumped manifold

Trend #6: Integration of technology in investment banking operations continues to gain momentum

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