Tech firms See Opportunities in Healthcare

  • Google: Google started investing in healthcare a long time ago; its cloud platform (Google Cloud) recently collaborated with Amwell Partner to transform patient and clinician telehealth experiences. Google has also rolled out electronic health record (EHR) navigation tool Care Studio (a clinician-facing search tool that helps organise a patient’s medical records) and announced an AI tool to determine skin problems.
  • Amazon: Amazon acquired online pharmacy PillPack for USD750m in 2018 and subsequently launched a pharmacy in November 2020, expanding its presence in the US.
  • Apple: In December 2020, Apple launched Fitness+, a subscription-based workout service built around the Apple Watch providing home-based workout programmes and tracking fitness goals.
  • Sony: Sony has introduced a number of solutions such as remote monitoring, medical imaging (the NUCLeUS™ smart imaging platform), surgical cameras and wearable devices (mSafety).
  • Microsoft: Microsoft transformed its healthcare portfolio through the Microsoft cloud last year, providing capabilities to manage health data for healthcare organisations while supporting end-to-end security, compliance and interoperability of health data. It has also introduced a new vaccine management platform.
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