The importance of the right offshoring partner for investment banks

  • (i) Scaling up specialist practices: Acuity has a large client base of over 350 clients, of which 100 were added in the past 18 months. With over 3,500 employees globally, Acuity provides scale and subject-matter expertise in specialist areas such as debt advisory, restructuring, SPACs, public finance and sustainable finance, all of which have seen increased focus in the past 12 months. Flexible engagement models have enabled investment banking and advisory clients to ramp up their Acuity teams in a matter of days, and Acuity has grown its investment banking and advisory client roster significantly in the past two quarters; more than 80 such clients now have Acuity as their trusted partner.
  • (ii) Integrated delivery model: When the WFH framework was implemented, the natural advantage of investment banking teams sitting next to each other in onsite locations was eliminated. This has led to increased confidence in using outsourcing firms for both value-added tasks and complex projects as well as for ancillary services such as BIS (library services) and DTP (presentations and graphics). Acuity provides 24*7 BIS and DTP services in multiple languages to clients globally. These became an immediate success with Acuity’s clients as bankers realised the benefits of accessing a wider talent pool and taking advantage of the time-zone benefits that Acuity’s global delivery centres provide.
  • BEATFlow: Online workflow management, centralised knowledge repository and live reporting (learn more)
  • TombstoneHub: Automated credentials builder with centralised tombstone repository (learn more)
  • FilingsHub: Centralised platform for financial and regulatory filings from across the world (learn more)
  • ProfileHub: Online platform to manage and automate customised company profiles (learn more)



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