Why VOC programmes are a must

  • Website content feedback: Useful for marketing and design teams
  • Sales demo feedback/win-loss surveys: These are conducted to understand what an organisation did well and what it did wrong to generate a particular outcome (win/loss). These surveys provide useful information on aspects, such as the performance of sales teams and pre-sales teams, products/solutions, pricing and competition
  • Onboarding feedback: Useful for an organisation to understand its performance during customer onboarding in terms of factors, such as time taken, communication provided, skill, and issues encountered by clients
  • Product feedback: Direct questions to the end users of a product on, for example, the product’s usefulness, features and performance. However, it’s important to keep in mind that customers themselves may not always fully understand the market, e.g., Nokia customers would not have asked for a touchscreen smartphone in 2005–07 (and they didn’t!), but Apple launched the iPhone and won the market
  • Relationship/net promoter score (NPS) survey: This survey solicits feedback from customers on their overall experience with the brand. The NPS score is often considered to be the most important parameter that indicates the strength of customer relationships. It also serves as an early warning system that can help an organisation take steps in a timely manner to win over its ‘at-risk’ customer base
  • Transactional survey/customer effort score: Obtained after each customer interaction (e.g., support, issue resolution or query), to help determine how satisfactory the customer service function is
  • Attrition survey: In case a customer does leave, it would still be valuable for an organisation to know why the relationship was terminated



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